Retreat 2015

Charlotte Knitting Guild 2015 Retreat

We will be hosting our third Charlotte Knitting Guild Retreat with instructor Patty Lyons at the beautiful Caswell Beach!  Stay tuned to this page for updates on the retreat.

When: March 20-22, 2015
Where: Fort Caswell – Caswell Beach, NC  (view map)


Knitting ER: Tragedy & Treatments
Required Skills:
Must know how to knit, purl, cast-on, bind-off.  All levels.

It’s happened to everyone. The one thing that can stop our knitting, and cause us to put our projects into a time out – MISTAKES. Never fear simple mistakes again, as you learn how to take control of your knitting. We’ll learn how to read your knitting and master the basics
that every knitter needs to know, how to unknit, how to pick up a dropped stitch in stockinette, how to fix garter, how to fix a mistake in a stitch pattern such as rib or seed, and how to fix your stitch mounts to avoid twisted stitches. We’ll also learn a few fancy tricks like picking up a dropped stitch at the end of your row or using a small needle to safely rip down to. Everyone makes mistakes, now learn that it doesn’t have to ruin your knitting.

Skills students will learn: How to pick up dropped stitches in knit, purl and garter and end stitches.  Become master of your mistakes.
Materials: Yarn: Light colored worsted weight yarn or chunky yarn (14 – 16 stitches per 4”) NO NOVELTY OR TEXTURED YARN, needles you used to make your swatch along with a straight or circular needle a few sizes smaller then the needle used for your swatch.
A crochet hook H, I, J, or K

Reading Between the Lines: What Your Sweater Pattern Doesn’t Tell You
Required Skills: Some basic knowledge of sweater patterns helpful, or knitting at least one sweater, helpful but not required.  Intermediate

If you knit sweaters, but always follow the pattern exactly, because you wouldn’t know to begin to change it, this is the class for you. There’s a lot of information hiding between the lines of knitting patterns. Once you unravel the mysteries of the math and numbers you will never blindly follow a pattern again. Learn the things you need to know before you start a pattern, like understanding sweater shapes, yarn substitution, how to figure your yarn amount from your swatch, what size to make, and how to read a schematic. Understand the numbers in the pattern so you know when and how you can change them. Finally we’ll explore the things a pattern tells you to do but doesn’t tell you how. We’ll look into some of the most frustrating pattern instructions such as “reverse shaping” and “at the same time” as well as “pick up evenly across the row” and even shaping “in pattern”. Learn the secrets hiding inside every sweater pattern!
Note: This is not a pattern reading class.

Skills Students will learn How to do a yarn substitution, understanding pattern schematics, the simple math in patterns, gauge and
Materials: Pencil, calculator, notepad

Slip Stitch & Mosaic Knitting
Required Skills: Must know how to knit, purl, cast on, bind off. All levels.

If you’ve always wanted to do color work, but were looking for something simpler than fair isle, and without the bobbins of intarsia, welcome to slip stitch knitting. In this ingeniously simple method of color work, you will be able to create stunning patterns while only working with one color at a time. Come on, “slip into” this beautiful technique.

Skills students will learn: The principals of slip stitch knitting and mosaic knitting.
Materials: 2 colors of worsted or chunky non splitty yarn.  One light color, one dark color, needles appropriate to yarn.

All classes, meals and lodging from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon are included in the retreat price!

Tentative Schedule: (check back later for a more detailed schedule!)

Friday afternoon/evening – check-in and dinner.  Social activity.
Saturday – breakfast, morning class, lunch, afternoon class, dinner, evening social activity.
Sunday – breakfast, morning class, lunch, check-out.

How to Register:

Sign-ups for the retreat are open now!

You can pay through with a credit or debit card for the retreat by using the button below, or by mailing a check to our PO Box.


Guild Retreat Payment Options

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