July Meeting Reminder & Guild News

July Meeting – Using YouTube (and other technologies) for Tips & Tricks with Knitting!

We have all done it, in a pinch to remember how that SSK or SKPSSO should really be constructed so we pull our our trusty web connceted device and find a video right?  This month we are going to take you on the journey of the evolution of technology and how it has changed our lives, especially in knitting!   Knitting Daily editor Katheen Cubley recently stated “I use technology all day (almost) every day, and one of the most valuable technological tools for my knitting life is YouTube.com. There’s a video there for almost every knitting technique you might need to learn or brush up on, and I use it all the time. When I teach beginning knitting I supply a list of videos for students to use if they get stuck, and many people have told me that the videos made them keep knitting because they had somewhere to go when they made a mistake or got frustrated.”

Come join us as we talk about the different technologies available for knitters and crocheters alike and discuss some of your favorite YouTube clips related to knitting, crocheting, or spinning!

Our July meeting will be at our new location at the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) of Charlotte.  

  • The church is at 1825 Eastway Drive, Charlotte, NC 28205
  • Meeting times continue unchanged, running from 6-8 PM
  • NOTE: This is the guild’s new home! If you talk to folks you know from Guild events, ask them if they know that we aren’t meeting at the former location, and if they aren’t aware, let them know that they can find informaiton on our site at http://charlotteknittingguild.org/


Knitters in the News! 

If you haven’t seen lately, The Guild has been highlighted tiwce by major news outlets.   We were featured in an inverview about Yarn Tagging by WAFE reporter Kalie McMonagle (Click Here to Listen) and just today we were featured on WCNC as Davey, Heather, Jet and Rachel discussed knitting with WCNC Weatherman Larry Sprinkle!   Davey even gave Larry a quick lession in knitting!  (Click Here to Watch)


All Call for Chariry Knitting 

This year we have chosen the Batte Cancer Center for our charity we knit for.   The Batte Cancer Center is located at Northeast Medical Center in Concord, NC and is desparate need of soft knitted or crocheted items such as hats, scarfs, blankets, or prayer shawls.   If making a hat or scarf, soft yarns are best.  

In addition we also have received a plea from Alia King, Director of Volunteer Services at Hospice.  She writes Hospice and Palliative Care of Charlotte is fortunate to have wonderful groups of talented knitters who knit prayer shawls for our patients who need a little extra love. At Levine & Dickson Hospice House (LDHH) a cozy prayer shawl is provided for each new patient admitted.  These heartfelt gifts provide great comfort during their stay at the hospice house.  The shawls also play an important role in the ceremony at LDHH, held by staff and family members, to honor the patient’s life after they have died.  Each shawl that provides warmth in life is lovingly placed over the patient in death. Rosemary, symbolizing remembrance, is cut fresh from the grounds of LDHH, tied with ribbon and hung on the door of the patient’s room. When it is time, with the lights dimmed, a candle lit, and soft music playing, the staff joins the caregivers in escorting the patient from the building. Both the rosemary bouquet and the shawl are presented to the family, in a tangible symbol of remembrance.

Because we serve so many patients we are running low on prayer shawls, both at LDHH and in our homes and long term care communities. We need 15-20 a week.  If you knit and would like to donate shawls to provide comfort to the patients of Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region, please contact Alia King at 704.375.0100 kinga@hpccr.org.  Shawls can be dropped off at any of Hospices locations in the greater Charlotte area.

If you have any donations for either charity, please bring them to the meeting or contact Davey at davey@daveyknits.com to arrange a pick-up.


Do your homework! (for the August meeting that is…)   

Remember our August meeting will be steeking with Avery Key, and she has asked that those who want to learn bring a knitted swatch that is 4″ x 4″.    If you have questions, email us at info@charlotteknittingguild.org  


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  1. Theresa Stoerzer says:

    I want to learn how to knitt. Can you give me advice as to where I should start?

  2. Kaitlin says:

    Maybe I’m missing it, buy I don’t see the July meeting date, or the August one. Please share. Thanks Davey!